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IOTA is the next generation of blockchain technology and contninues to push the boundaries in real word application and use cases. Below is just a sampling of Iota use cases that are coming to fruition.

Taipei - Smart City

In January of 2018, Taipei signed an agreement with the IOTA Foundation to begin testing IOTA and its tangle to transform the capital into a smart city. A few of these tests include city TangleID verification and air pollution monitoring.

It will also give citizens more trust in public services and their government with IOTA's data integrity. As distributed ledgers continue to evolve, more and more cities are looking to become "smart". Dubai has been at the forefront of this movement, wanting to become blockchain powered by 2020.

Smart Energy

Energy is a necessary use cases for IOTA and the Tangle. Because of its focus on the machine-to-machine economy distributed ledgers are able to decentralize the power grid for clean and efficient energy throughput. Smart charging is a prime example, allowing independent charging and dishcarging of vehicles as the car and station connect to one another with special IOTA software and hardware.

Elaadnl, from the Netherlands, has developed the first working prototype in smart charging using IOTA as its backbone. Below is a breif introduction to smart charging and IOTA:


The digitization of medical and health records and happening at a rapid pace. This is necessary for more effective & urgent care, research, as well as ease of use. Unfortunately issues of privacy & abuse are huge concerns for institutions and consumers alike.

IOTA would bring secure data integrity and an immutable record to healthcare so service providers could make sound decisions on reliable data. You can read a recent abstract in a health journal on Authenticating Health Activity Data Using Distributed Ledger Technologies. Because the IOTA protocol has zero-fee transactions, this type of data transfer is free.

All this is possible because of Masked Authenticated Messaging or MAM for short. This allows sending and receiving ecrypted data over the Tangle with no fees! MAM uses a Merkle tree based signature scheme to ensure security and privacy.


Iota Smart Cars

Sharing data will be big business in the transportation industry as the technology matures. Cars or any vehicle for that matter can be a digital platform for transacting with other devices, other vehicles, and stations as well as transmitting data.

With their own wallet & funding, cars can pay for parking by the minute, tolls, charging stations, and other services. Vehicles can also be used to receive payment for deliveries, ride-sharing, and selling data.

There is also a vision by Volkswagen to use IOTA for data integrity and audit trails to do live updates over the air on teh Tangle. With vehicle ownership and data centralized, it is too easy to tamper and distort the data and make it untrustworthy. A decentralized auditable ledger can solve this issue.


Unique ID

The Identity of Things is a major focus of the IOTA platform and overall vision. IOTA will enable to 'tag' and identify everything with a unique identifier and store it in the Tangle that is both tamper-proof and accessible.

This will also allow a reputation system to be setup to detect when a sensor or node is malicious, out-of-date, or no longer in service. This is such an important project that it is even mentioned in the Development roadmap, of the IOTA Foundation that can be a real game-changer once implemented.

Manufacturing & Supply Chains

Global trade & supply chains are all about moving product from one country to another. The major components in global trade are the suppliers, transporters, distribution, and retail. In every point of the supply chain the IOTA platform can provide better authentication, documentation, and flow of product from the raw materials to the point of sale.

Who created the product? What country did it orginate from? When was it manufactured? These questions can all be openly stored and verified on the Tangle giving access to all major players in the global trade and supply chain movement of goods. This creates more trust in the product, data, and communication between all the people involved. Watch the video below on smart manufacturing:

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